Saturday, 3 December 2011

Santa comes to town...on 3 December

Quick update on things.

Got the Christmas tree up today, a tad early but I'm off to Belfast next week to see Mum and Dad - and anyway, it's the first weekend in December so it's just about justifiable right?

We took the boys (pictured - breakfast this morning) to the Christmas Fayre at Ben's school today, and had a little surprise in store when we arrived. The sports hall was packed, with volunteer parents and teachers sat behind tables with bored faces selling all sorts, from sweets, smellies, cuddly toys and Chrismas garlands, with parents and kiddies bustling around trying to get a look at everything.

We jostled our way to the exit to Ben's classroom where a large notice advised parents that 'Santas Grotto' was just down the corridor. What a nice little surprise. The boys would love this - they hadn't seen the old man before in the flesh.

So we queued up for what seemed an age.

Ciaran was getting very impatient, not least as he had another rotten cold, and I wondered how he'd react when he saw Santa (he was too young to understand the whole mularky properly last year). I feared he'd be one of those kids who'd scream when he saw the big white beard.

He was a little frightened at first, but then settled into Santas calm conversation and reassuring Q&A session. Santa left the boys with the thought that his reindeer do need feeding y'know and if it wouldn't be too much for an old man to ask, could they please have a word with their parents to ensure there was some food and drink available on Christmas Eve for his reindeer and, not least, him. The fat man needs to go on a diet if you ask me. Blueberries and greek yoghurt it will be.

Santa then handed the boys two presents from his sack - and the boys opened them as soon as we left the Grotto. No waiting until Christmas day for these two!

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