Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Getting On Our Bikes

I’ve been doing a lot of cycling recently.

I bought a cycle carrier from Halfords for £60 which has proved a great investment. Easy to set up and dismantle and for the price of a decent meal for two, it gives you the freedom to take up to three bikes wherever you want.

The family have also got into the cycling routine as well. Ellen's bought herself a bike after a decade - maybe more - of never owning a bike, and I bought Ben a little blue 'Ben 10' bike from Toys R Us last month too. And, I have to mention, the best buy of the lot - a cycle buggy for the kids too!

They absolutely love it, with their little windows, pockets for drink cups and front door if it gets too windy for them. it's like a little tent on wheels for them.

Our favourite family cycle spot is the scenic Forest of Marston Vale (pictured above), which has been designed for walkers and cyclists with a light trail track that circumnavigates Stewartby lake for a not-so-challenging distance of 5 miles. It has two routes and passes a number of wetlands and wildlife spots along the way too.

As well as for leisure, I've been commuting to work on bike recently as well.

Getting sick of the mountain bike tyre treads slowing me down on tarmac - I peak at around 30mph - I bought a £500 'hybrid' commuter bike to get me up to around 40mph-plus on tarmac with semi-slick tyres and a sturdy mountain bike style frame.

I opted for a Specialized bike, made in the USA and one of the top 3 brands I'm told along with Giant and Trek. I initially fancied a Marin, but the sales assistant talked me round. It comes with hydraulic brakes (more responsive than cable), 24 shift-lever gears and lockable front-fork so I can turn on the suspension for off-road riding and lock it to retain the rigidity of a road bike when I’m on-road again.

Now, to get Ben cycling! I'll have him cycling in no time.

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